English Language

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is the first language to 4 million people and is the language of the internet. ……but English…..good English takes time and practice.

At Accoutre we teach the 4 basic language skills:





A house needs a robust foundation and the four basic language skills is the underpinning for good English. The above 4 intermingle with each other and grow as the child also develops.

We teach the National Curriculum i.e. Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 (encompassing the full GCSE Curriculum). Our classes are kept deliberately small. Why? Research has shown that small classes have numerous benefits for the following reasons: each student gets noticed, better results, learning is enhanced, teachers can teach and classes become a cohesive community. This is what we aim to establish at Accoutre.

Committed to learning

Our handpicked English teachers and tutors are committed, fun and passionate about the discipline they teach. We are very much child-centred in the sense that we get students to own their own learning, acknowledge their mistakes and build from there. We teach from a position of support.

As the English Coordinator at Accoutre, I want to see children develop a love for English and in particular reading that spreads way into their adult life. Here are some tips for you and your child to follow:
Read daily for 20 minutes (hard/paperback books and preferably not electronic)
Read together (you are modelling reading and your child will follow and duplicate)
Ensure your child is working on an English Workbook at home (we recommend Collins or CGP English Workbooks with answers for all ages 4-16 years) at least a page every other day.
Talk to your child daily about their day and current affairs (this enhances their speaking and listening)
Actively (genuinely) listen to your child and especially the things that they are not telling you
Above all, speak positive words over them, encourage them in their interests and to be the very best that they can be.

What are you currently reading?