Mathematics @ Accoutre!

We are so delighted that you have taken the time to come and see some of the amazing things and resources we have here at Accoutre. Mathematics is just one of the many subject areas that no one escapes.

There are three perspectives of children as young as 8 and it sounds like one of the following:  “I like it because……” ,  “It’s okay, but….”  or ” I hate it because….”


Problem Solving

The earliest memory a child can have of maths is usually around money. Mostly the language used and the spending attitude of their primary carers and the environment around them. This is their first impression and experience of Numeracy in action. Why is this early exposure important in the learning and appreciation of Maths in schools besides trying to get a decent grade at GCSE? Mathematics simply allows us to learn new concepts, develop thinking skills so that we can become better at problem-solving. As we continue to develop these skills, we become more confident to try different approaches to solving a wide range of problems that life presents.

All Accoutre mathematics teachers and tutors are committed and passionate about supporting our children’s learning and outcomes.  Helping them to become more resilient problem solvers, develop an enjoyment of learning maths and its importance in everyday life and society.

Thank you for visiting us and look out for future updates, resources and tips to support the learning of Mathematics.