Our Community


Our children are at the very heart of everything we do. Our teaching staff are highly qualified and very experienced. Our tutors are: passionate, supportive and full of energy! We understand our children and believe that every one of them has the right to reach their respective full potential.

We aim to empower, enable and equip our children to be the very best through the teaching of black history. They appreciate that Britain has a deep-rooted history of Black Africans and Caribbean’s that have contributed and shaped what Britain has become today.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a sound foundation at junior level, to build greater choice and individualisation as the student matures towards the senior levels. This culminates in an understanding and grounding on core subjects such as: Maths, English and Black British History.

Our Core Curriculum

We develop pupil’s non-cognitive skills— motivation, adaptability and self-regulation.


Identify specific learning needs and appropriate teaching and learning
intervention strategies.

As well as developing academic excellence, we also pride ourselves in helping pupils develop their non-cognitive skills—including motivation, the ability to adapt to new situations and self-regulation to allow them to thrive academically, emotionally and socially.

Our teachers plan, monitor, manage and evaluate student’s achievement to identify specific learning needs and appropriate teaching and learning intervention strategies.

We monitor students’ progress

We offer ongoing monitoring of students’ progress allowing for informed decision-making on content, learning strategies and instruction.

Building the students’ skills, identifying and overcoming barriers to learning.

Setting realistic targets for the next stage of learning and identifying teaching and learning support to help students achieve their learning goals, while taking into account the student’s cultural, social and health circumstances.