Our Community

Vision and Values

We are a registered community interest non-profit association.  Accoutre was founded June 2020 by Grace Oyerinde, the Accoutre Chair.  She then gathered caring parents and teachers within our community to bring forward the work. Accoutre is an education service for children between the ages of 7-16 years of age. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality education supporting our local black African Caribbean children, specialising in: Black History, Maths and English.

We work from Key Stage 2 right up to Key Stage 4 and follow the GCSE curriculum. Our service is unique, in that we specifically target young people who would not normally be afforded the opportunity to tap into extra supportive tuition – which is completely FREE of charge!

We know that outcomes improve when they begin to understand subject matters; they naturally become more confident and self – assured which builds a stronger desire to succeed. Our Teachers and Tutors are passionate about supporting young people, thus providing the tools for them to flourish. Pupils hit harder by lockdown need extra support. During the Covid -19 pandemic, we have ensured that children have a platform to learn through digital workshops.

Interactive Workshops

Delivered to small groups of children, enabling easy discussion, and children are able to ask questions to teachers and receive personal feedback.


We offer ongoing monitoring of students’ progress allowing for informed
decision-making on content, learning strategies and instruction.

Having small workshops makes for a refreshing break from the formality of school with the teacher at the front delivering to a large class of 30!

We aim to provide a holistic environment within Accoutre. We are regularly in touch with parents and carers, we are making plans to offer workshops for parents and carers, via training, and conferences and inviting specialist guest speakers on occasions. When we meet face-to-face, children will be offered delicious nutritious food, taken on trips and outings to edify and cement their learning in a fun – filled way.

We aim to empower

Our teaching staff are highly qualified and very experienced. Our tutors are: passionate, supportive and full of energy! We understand our children and believe that every one of them has the right to reach their respective full potential. We aim to empower, enable and equip our children to be the very best through the teaching of black history. They appreciate that Britain has a deep-rooted history of Black Africans and Caribbean’s that have contributed and shaped what Britain has become today.

We provide small class sizes for Maths and English. Allowing teachers and children to actively engage in sessions. These needs can be clearly articulated and the trust is formed, thus instrumental to improving attainment levels and outcomes. We expect our children to turn up on time, be fully equipped and ready to learn. Trust and respect are fundamental, along with determination.