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Celebrating Four Years of Accoutre’s Holistic Approach

At Accoutre, we cultivate more than just academic prowess; we foster a culture of well-being and holistic growth, ensuring that every individual not only learns but thrives in all aspects of life. As we reflect on our four-year journey, it’s not just our numbers that impress; it’s the holistic growth we’ve nurtured.

We introduced a well-being segment into our curriculum, covering vital topics from mental health to money management. A highlight was a high-energy session with a local personal trainer, adding a dose of fun and fitness to our routine.

Our Careers Month was a resounding success, bringing in professionals—from film producers to scientists—to inspire our students with their stories. The children and young people finally got a chance to meet face-to-face at Go Ape, an adventure playground that was as wild and wonderful as our supportive parent community.

Our Open Surgery 1-1 sessions provided bespoke advice to parents and students on academics and future aspirations. The overwhelming positive feedback has cemented these sessions as a cornerstone for next year. I’m in awe of our Awesome Team, whose dedication extends into the night to ensure Accoutre’s success. Their passion is the backbone of our thriving organisation.

Two extraordinary highlights stand out from 2023:

  • A student who joined us at the very start is now off to medical school, having achieved stellar A-Level results.
  • Another student, P, surpassed all expectations in her GCSEs, defying her predicted grades and proving that with hard work and a positive mindset, our children can achieve greatness against any odds.

As we embark on another academic year, I am eager to welcome new faces, new teachers, and new speakers. I’m confident that it will be another fantastic year.

Grace, CEO, Accoutre Learning Centre